“As an RN, Stephanie has the education and experience to know which questions to ask and what to be concerned about at each step along the way. She helped him (client) get set up with a pendant so he could be as independent as possible, she helped choose a caregiving organization for daily visits, she set him up with a pill dispenser and double-checked that he can independently take both medications and eye drops. Having Stephanie in her role has allowed my husband and I to remain in our roles as children of her client, parents of two children, and business owners. Stephanie’s intelligence, sense of humor, and amazing organizational skills are what really set her apart. She communicates with us regularly and is very accessible and always available. It is a dream of a situation from our standpoint though I’m not sure she would say the same!”

— JP, Daughter-in-Law of client


“I have worked closely with Stephanie Cameron with medically complicated clients and have seen the positive changes that Stephanie has made in her client’s lives.  She has provided knowledgeable, creative, and insightful solutions, and has made a positive difference with her clients and their families.  I have always been impressed with Stephanie’s well thought out action plans that are implemented in a very quick time frame.  I appreciate that I can count on her during difficult times with clients.”

— K.R. RN 


“Trying to find the best care for a loved one is truly one of the most emotional, confusing, frustrating, and exhausting things I’ve ever experienced. The rules regulations and roadblocks are numerous. With so many different agencies and options we quickly became overwhelmed and almost gave up hope of ever understanding how to make them work for us.

Stephanie was there for my family whenever we needed her with all her resources and answers. If she didn’t personally know an answer, she knew the person or agency that did, and the right people to talk to to get things done.

Simply stated we could not have navigated through this successfully without her reassuring guidance and expertise.

We would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone beginning this process without hesitation. Stephanie is the perfect combination of professionalism and compassion and we will be forever grateful to have found her!”

— JR, Daughter of client


“When my sister and I were first told by our father’s insurance company that we could and should have a Nurse Care Manager, neither Jennifer or I had any idea what a Care Manager was or did. We didn’t realize how much we would value your help. The process of finding a safe, affordable place for our father to live was not as simple as we thought it would be, and we very much appreciate your detailed and caring insight into the many decisions involved in finding a happy home for our Dad.”

— AF, Daughter of client